2016 March Favorites

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The month of March literally flew by! It was crazy and exciting with a splash of WOAH BABY! Here are some of my favorites this month, from beauty to clothes, food and my favorite apps! Check them out


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I know I’m behind on the Kat Von Dee trend but I wanted to give the Shade + Light palette a go. I have dry skin so I don’t usually use a pressed powder to set my highlight but this stuff is AMAZABALLS. I have already hit pan on the white color and I’m pretty sure my banana color is next! She doesn’t have refill pans yet so I’m going to die.

The new Becca Cosmetics Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation everything. It is full coverage but super light weight! In the hotter seasons I don’t like to have a heavy foundation but I still want full coverage. I go between the 2 colors FAIR & LIGHT. It stays on all day and gives me an incredible glow. Contact my girl Hannah Henderson for any Becca related things.

Another beauty favorite for this month was also mentioned in my Secret Skin Care Routine post! Its Muddy Body. These all natural clay masks are incredible for all skin types. Dry, oily, combination, Etc. I recommend buying this if you’d like happy skin. I have already purchased the other 2 masks and I am waiting on the hair mask too! Use my discount code: tayjay10 for some money off!


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I have started to fall in love with shoes again. Lets get real I never quit loving them. Of course. I love my converse tennis shoes but they are high tops and sometime my outfit calls for low tops. Instead of paying a buttload of money for originals why not get some knock offs that are even cuter? Ive been wearing the Get your kick Sneakers in white from The Mint Julep Boutique. Get a size up. Usually Im a 6 in shoes but at the Mint Im a 6.5.

Sadly, I left my FAVORITE hat in New York City this past weekend but my blue LA hat was defiantly not only a monthly favorite but an all time favorite. I got the gem when I was in Los Angeles this past summer and have worn it more than It should have been worn! It a very comfortable and stylish hat! I will be purchasing another one ASAP don’t worry.

Another favorite this month in my closet will have to be my newest sunglass. I recently lost my favorite Michael Kors sunglasses that my boyfriend gave me so I had to find some cheaper ones cause I knew I’d lose them again. I found them on a website overseas. Its called Showpo.com. In Australia the tax on clothes is already included in the price. So when your total is $120 then that means $120! Nothing more. Which I love. I ordered these awesome sunglass for only $21…. Yes you read that number right!! They are a little big for my face but Im obsessed with them. If you do order from this site be sure to give it a month before you receive your package!

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I may be 105LBS but I love to eat. Like literally I wish I could start a show like Man vs. Food and get to travel just to eat. DREAM JOB.

Like I said I recently took a trip to New York to model and I didn’t want my face to break out from eating tons of sugar because it already does from traveling. I headed to Kroger and went straight to the organic snack section. I loaded a bag of yogurt covered cranberries. It tasted like white chocolate with barley any added sugars. Of course I shared with the other model. Now y’all know that the 3 models ate a bag full of them!

Another fun food/drink I found this month was veru simple and healthy. I go the idea from Miss California USA when I was with her modeling. She introduced me to a large black coffee with a splash of almond milk and a little cinnamon. All the sugar and cream I usually put in my coffee has made me feel “fluffy” and black coffee is a lot better for you. With the almond milk it makes you feel a lot lighter and keeps you awake more than creamer or any heavy whipping cream. The cinnamon replaces the sugar packets and gives it that sweet taste without all the extra calories.

My last foodie favorite this month is something new for me. I love sweets more than another food group out there. But since I am in preparation for a pageant I have to let go of a lot of my favorite sweets. But dang y’all a girl needs her chocolate! I found this amazing recipe from Pintrest. I’ll link it here –> CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE. The cake is fat free, no butter added, no eggs added, and no milk or oil. Check out the link to see how to make it! You’re welcome.


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The last part of my favorites I wanted to mention a couple new apps I have been obsessed with this month!

Of course no one can take a perfect picture.Trust me I’ve tried.  You may think its perfect but then you’re about to post it and the lighting sucks or there is a water bottle in the background. SO what do you do? Its 10pm, the sun is gone, and all your makeup is off! You can fix that with Facetune. Yes its $4 in the app store but its awesome for those days you have a pimple and want it to disappear or when you have something in the background you wanted blurred!

I know there was a lot of negative comments about Uber. But this past weekend while traveling all I used was Uber. In the app you can pick either to carpool with other people or have your own BlackCar Uber. Which I used because you never know who will get in the car with you in NYC! haha Anyways it gives you the estimated amount of your trip and also a very detailed description of your drive to feel safe! I love Uber and recommend it if it is in your area! Take a free ride on me with my code: taylorjay625

My last app this month is The Jovani App.  I love me some Jovani and now its so much easier to find the dress I need for my fun events (more to come soon;)) You can choose the color, style, and location of the dress. Hey you may even see me on the app soon! Its also FREE! Check me out on insta to see my favorite Jovani Dresses (__taylorjones)

What were your favorites this month? Let me know so I can try them out! Thinking of doing a DIY post next. What do y’all think?



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