A Girlfriend/Boyfriend’s guide to Nursing School

Most people already know that my boyfriend blake is in his second semester of Nursing school. He plans to graduate next year and then become a nurse practitioner. I love his passion for other people and his determination to get it done.

But let me go ahead and say that being a girlfriend with her man going through nursing SUCKS! No more late Sundays laying around watching movies, no more late nights with friends (besides studying), and no more “I’ll study tomorrow lets go out” nights.

From what I’ve learned and seen, Nursing school will test any relationship. Here are a couple of tips I’ve been given and a couple I’ve learned for myself.

Be their cheerleader + let them talk to you about it: Nursing sucks. For anyone and everyone involved. I’ve seen Blake almost give up on it all and the only thing I can do is keep him motivated. I’ve (tried my hardest) to listen to what he’s been learning and have him tell me everything. I tell him everyday how proud I am of him and can’t wait to see him graduate! Keep telling them “YOU CAN DO THIS!”

Be flexible: This one is really hard. Especially on holidays. Half the time Blake is either working or studying. There is no in between. So there will be some holidays or events you’ll have to attend alone. This is never fun but just remember that you’ll have them all to yourself once school is over. only 5 semesters of this.

Make them take breaks: Blake is the type to go, go, go, and keep going after that. I’ve had to MAKE him take a  break from studying so he won’t burn out. We will either take some time to cook together or go ride around for a second, so his body and mind can work again. Brownie points if you cook a homemade meal for them while they are studying!

Find yourself a hobby: Nursing takes up about 99.9% of your others life. So in the time they are studying or working find yourself a new hobby. I actually started this blog and staring a business because I didn’t want to mope around while blake was gone! You never know what you’ll come up with! Read a book, write a book, build something, or even start a blog. 

Trust Them: If you’re a girlfriend with a boyfriend in nursing (like me) than you already know that the majority of nursing students are women. There are currently 90 girls in Blakes class and only 6 of them are guys.. Its hard to hear that his “study partner” is a girl names Chelsea* (Not a real person)  But I trust Blake 1000%. Why? Because I’ve meet most of the girls he’s usually around. Don’t think they are talking about romantic things cause I promise you its probably about all the bones in the human body. Not what they are wearing when they go to bed. Just relax. 

I hope this has some what helped those about there with their girlfriend and/or boyfriend in Nursing school. I know it can be hard and trust me I love the attention Blake shows me. But lately its getting harder for him to do everything he use to. But I know in the end we will be very happy and back to how we were! Support yo man! Support ya woman! They are following their dreams to make you both very happy!



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