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Summer is over and its finally August. Or at least close to the end of it. Which means football, school, and NEW MAKEUP or is that last part just me? Anyways I’ve had a billion and one people ask me about what makeup I use and how I apply it. These few products are my EVERYTHING and if one broke I’d die…like seriously I don’t know what I’d do cause some are expensive and I’m a broke college student living off my parents.

Jaclyn Hill’s Champagne Pop highlighter: $38.00

980xMy thoughts: Jaclyn Hill has hit the makeup world HARD recently and anything and everything she mentions gets sold out within minutes. She’s like a makeup goddess and I’m obsessed with her. So when she announced that she was launching a highlighter with BECCA cosmetics I knew I needed to jump on that fast. I HAD TO HAVE IT! This highlighter is a gold champagne color that looks flawless on all skin types. I personally have fair and dry skin so sometimes highlighters grab onto my dry patches and it sucks walking around with perfect foundation and then BAM you see ps1721240-main-hero-300arts of my highlighter.. I love how dewy this makes me look without looking oily. If you have the money this is a HUGE MUST!

How I apply it: I take a Sigma pointed brush and tap it very gently in the makeup and swipe the brush back and forth on the apples of my checks (for those of you who have no idea where that
is, its above your blush) and the bridge of my nose.


theBalm Cosmetics ‘Bahama Mama®’ Bronzing Powder: $20


My thoughts: Like I said before I have dry patches on my face and any type of powder will grab right onto them. So when I decided to buy this little baby (and I do mean little) I was nervous but I love everything matte. This bronzer when swatched looks almost like a green shade and doesn’t swatch really pretty and barley came off the pan. So I tried it out and OH MY GEE! I’m in love. It blends on your face like butter and doesn’t come on the skin green at all. It’s a perfect contour powder or just a fun bronzer. The Balm cosmetics can me pricey especially since most of their products are packaged very really small, the product its self makes it worth the money! It’s a must bahamamama_productshot_new_1

How I apply it: I use this bronzer for both light bronzing and a hard contour powder. When I contour I use a MAC angled brush and do a fish face and apply the bronzer where my face sinks in. From my ears to the sunk in part. When I want a more natural look I take a big fluffy sigma brush and just brush it all over my face until I get the look I desire.


Morphe Brushes 35N – 35 COLOR MATTE PALETTE: $19.99


My thoughts: Morphe is one of my favorite makeup brands for two reasons. 1. They are very inexpensive, unlike most makeup brands and 2. Their colors are very pigmented! Which all makeup artists love! I found Morphe from of course Jaclyn Hill and when I first looked into them I noticed how cheap they were and was nervous that the actually product would be cheap as well. So I bought the matte palette hoping I was wrong. What I found out form that is you can’t judge a book by its cover or makeup by its price. These colors are flawless and blend like a dream. I’ve used each one of the colors on my eyes and they all compliment each other when mixed. There are tons of neutral colors in this palette that are perfect for natural and evening looks! There are a total of 35 colors in each palette. If you don’t like this one there are many other palettes for everyone’s color needs.11329929_10204746255396380_1669670330558767107_n

How I apply it: There are many different ways I apply these eyeshadows. Number one rule is to BLEND. Blend until your fingers bleed. hahaha just kidding but seriously I’m not kidding. I use a sigma and MAC blending brushes to apply and blend the shadows. I usually start off with the very first shadow in the palette (the off white color) and then add some of the lighter browns in my crease and then when I’m feeling crazy I add a little purple to the mix. These shadows are perfect for beginners and also the pros. MUST HAVE!!


Mary Jane Hair Extensions: $$$$ Prices Vary


My thoughts: I know this is not a “makeup” favorite but it’s something I just HAD to talk about. It’s not a secret that I have hair extensions in my head. If you don’t know I have a bob hair cut (which I regret as soon as I cut it all off) so I knew I needed to fix this horrible decision that I myself chose to do. I just missed my long Barbie hair. The lady that does my hair, her name is actually Mary Jane. Awesome right? Anyways when I first saw the extensions I was nervous that they would damage my hair or even pull it out and I’d end up wearing a wig! Every girls fear. But my extensions are not sewed in, glued in, or they are not fused in. They are a special extension that Mary Jane knows SO MUCH MORE than I really do. But I can answer these questions.


Are they Expensive? Yes. So if you think that you can get them for $100 or less than you need to head to Wally world and get some clips ins cause these are not going to be cheap. You get what you pay for.

Can you wash it like normal? curl it? straighten it? YES. its 100% real hair. Mine is Russian because mine are obviously blonde.

Will they damage your hair? No. Unless you physically try to take them out yourself then no. My real hair has actually grown like crazy because of my extensions.

How long will they stay in? I’m pretty positive MJ told me 6 weeks and then you get them moved up but I could be wrong but they stay in for 6 months! Then you get new hair that FEELS AMAZING! #weavedrunk

How long does it take to put them in? It depends on how much hair you are putting in. Mine usually take about 45 minutes to an hour tops. Other types of extensions can take anywhere between 2-4 hours!!

Are they worth the money? YES THOUSAND TIMES YES! I’ve never been more in love with these extensions and Mary Jane is the Nick Sabin of weave so you know you’re going to the right woman.



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