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logoI’m sure if you are a Jaclyn Hill fanatic (like myself) then you’ve heard of the cosmetic brand that she collaborated with called BECCA. Yes her highlighter called Champagne Pop was of course listed on my August favorites and I use it everyday! So I wanted to test out some other BECCA products to see if they are just as amazeballs as my highlighter. I received these products from BECCA REP:Hannah Henderson. I’ll be sure to list her info below so you can get your hands on these goodies too;) ! LETS DO THIS

Backlight Priming Filter: $38

IMG_1250 IMG_1298

The backlight Primer is beautiful as a swatch! It reminds me of a BB creme but a little thicker and not as sheer. The color is a flawless pearl like shine and when put on the skin it gives a radiant glow. I’d put under where ever i wanted a natural glow, like under my eyes or on the apples of my cheeks. The packaging is very sleek and stylish.

Ombre Nudes Eye Palette: $40


When I first looked at these colors I fell in love with the third color but was very IMG_1255Skeptical  about the last two colors thinking that they
were too similar. When I swatched the palette I was completely wrong. All the colors complement each other in a very natural and beautiful way. Id recommend this palette (Just by the colors) to any beginners. The texture of the shadows are not super creamy but are very bendable. I’m super excited to try these colors for fall. The packaging comes with a mirror and a very professional case.

Shadow and light Brow Contour Mousse: $25

IMG_1274 IMG_1277

Love the packaging for this mousse, its the perfect travel size! I usually wear Anastasia of Beverly Hills powder or their brow wiz for my brows so I’m extra excited to see how well i can manage with the creme mousse. Half of the product is a wax for your brows to lay down and the other half is the actually product. My boyfriend at times thinks I darken my eyebrows too much (I don’t agree with this statement one bit, my eyebrows always need to be on fleek, he’ll never understand) but this color seems to be lighter. So lets see how this goes! Fingers crossed.

Lowlight/Highlight Perfecting Palette: $42

IMG_1259 IMG_1316

Curious to see how this one goes because I’m a freak/perfectionist/OCD when it comes to contouring my face. The product did not swatch the best on my hand but is SUPER creamy, so I’m not sure how that will work for my Oily friends out there. Highlight is also very creamy but does not swatch very well on the hand. The lowlight of the product is more of an orange bronze and the highlight looks a little pinkish gold as well. So it will for sure give you a summer glow for the fall. The only thing I’m not crazy about is the packaging, its kinda hard for me to open the product. (That may just be me thought)

Beach Tint Creme Teintante, FIG: $25 & Beach Tint Creme Teintante, WATERMELON: $25

IMG_1324 IMG_1269

The color is a soft brownish nude that will look flawless on any skin type. The texture of the product is like putting butter on your lips. It’s so soft but if you are looking for an all day thick lips I have a feeling this product is not for you. It’s a beautiful tint though! Comes out super slow so when squeezing the product out be careful! A little goes a long was my friends.

Shimmering Skin Perfector-Poured, OPAL: $38


I have never even heard of a liquid highlighter but i feel like I’m going to love this one. I’ve swatched the pressed highlightIMG_1307 in Opal but never the poured one. The texture is very soft and squishy feeling. The
color is close to champagne pop by Jaclyn Hill but this one is more pearl than a goldish color with a nude tint.

Shimmering Skin Perfector-Pressed, MOONSTONE: $38

IMG_1267 IMG_1313

The color is very pretty and  has a yellow undertone with pearl like shimmer. Compared to Opal is almost looks like an off-white shimmer. Will be perfect for darker skin tones and will looked very “frosted” in my opinion! I’d love to try this on a darker girl!

Under Eye Brightening Corrector: $29

IMG_1294 IMG_1283

I have never really needed a brightening corrector before until I transferred to a University. It has more of a pink undertones and super girly. I’m excited to try out this newest product.

 Beach Tint Lip Shimmer Soufflè, RASPBERRY/OPAL: $25

IMG_1325 IMG_1329

This packaging looked kinda cheap to me when I first saw it and it reminded me of the lipsticks I use to get as a kid from wal-mart. But when I swatched the product I was amazed!! The color is PERFFEECCCTTT for fall. Its a very deep/bright raspberry lip and super glossy. I’d put a matte black cherry lipstick on and top this off with it!!


BECCA Rep/ Hannah Henderson


Instagram: hannahchenderson


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