Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge

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It has FINALLY happened!! Blake has agreed to do the “Boyfriend does my makeup challenge.” We decided to take photos along the way of this fun activity. It was so much fun and I’m so happy he agreed to do it. He was confident going in, but by the end he was so defeated, and told me that he gave me a lot more respect for putting on makeup the way I do. So enjoy the fun!

“Okay baby lets get started and i’m going to use this cause thats what you always do first…right?” (BTW I told blake NOTHING, he did this all on his own)

“Now i’m going to do your face. This is right?” … he holds my POWDERED bronzer and foundation brush…I cringed just a little but I let him do what he wanted. Apparently blake doesn’t know what my race is because he used my bronzer as my foundation… Which is 4 shades darker than my natural skin color.
He then tried to take my oval foundation brush and blend it out… Killing me here baby.

“this is the war paint you use. I got this one.” He placed the concealer  under my eyes, so I was impressed until he then took HIS FINGER to spread it can see on my face the horror. He thought it was so good. He then decided to take my beauty blender (which was dry..) and tried to blend so that made it a little better!

“whats this…oh hey its your blush! That goes here, here, anddddddd here”..Blake thought my highlighter was blush. I looked like an oily mess but he was so cute trying to figure out so I just smiled and let it happen.

“I’ve seen you put this all over your face before. It goes on like this. (puts all over face)” of course everyone who loves makeup knows that you NEVER put a liquid over a powder. Like ever. So blake then takes my primer (that actually goes on FIRST) and puts it all over my face. This of course made me look even more oily.  Then he thought using my beauty blender would help the situation. He looked at me and said “now see that looks so much better” God love him.

“oh I’m excited about this part. Ive got this down. Just watch!!” Its true, he thought he was going to kill the eye makeup. He picked up my custom palette and used my highlighting brush and dipped it into, you guess it, black. All over my lids..

He was over the eyes and went straight for my brow. God save me. The only think I told him was what my brow pencil was because I was not having him break it. No No. “Why do you do this everyday…oh god baby this looks really bad..i’m so sorry.”

” okay dont freak, but I’m going tot try and do your black stuff under your eyes.” He picked up my eyeliner and brush. You can tell by my face I was so scared and knew it would go wrong. The top of my lid wasn’t too bad cause the wing was pretty good. Then WHILE MY EYE WAS STILL CLOSED he attempted to put the liner on the bottom. I laughed so hard when I opened my eyes.

“You know what, I’m still not done with the eyes. It needs more color I think. You always use this palette thing with one of these colors. Ima do this one.” -picks a red…RED YALL. I’m not sure when he’s ever seen me wear red on my lid. But I just laughed.

As you can tell by my face again I was scared about the mascara coming towards me. I was waiting for him to poke me in the eye. He did my left eye top and bottom and then JUST did my right eyes top lashes…like okay? hahaha

“Okay so you have 6 of the same lip glosses and and think this is the one you always wear.” (picks up a metallic lip stick..) He put the Kylie Jenner Lipstick in Heir. Which if you have it you know its a metallic light orange…As you can tell it brought the whole look together..

He then went on to highlight my face a little more… He thought it was blushes. Lord help him.

The last thing he did was tell me to use my lip plumper.. which you use before you do your lipstick. So I did as he said and this was the end product.

I was really confident that blake couldn’t do my makeup the way I do it and I was very right. He’s a total guy who cares nothing about my world of makeup. He also said he’d quit rushing me when I put on my face because he has no idea how I do it and gives me tons of respect! Thank you blake for Finally doing this with me!!

Be watching on mine and blake’s insagrams and snapchats for when he gives me an IV.. That was the deal. He had to do my makeup if I let him put in an IV… Here we go.

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–When blake tried to name my makeup HERE–>Can my Boyfriend Name my Makeup? 



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