Cheap and Simple Ideas for Valentines Day

This may sound crazy but I LOVE Valentines Day. Even when I’m single I adore it. I’m obsessed with all the RED AND PINK EVERYWHERE. 

I also really enjoy laughing at how mushy gushy the cards are and how lovey dovey the candy is! I know people usually expect jewelry or a huge present for this holiday but I just love getting a funny hand made card, some flowers (can be from Publix), and even a home-cooked meal! That’s really it. I’m easy when it comes to Valentines day.

Last year Blake and I did a blog post for valentines days and we just went and got heart shaped doughnuts and some champagne. Easy and fun! 

Here are some fun ideas and easy (cheap) things to do on this day that will not break your bank (or his)

Go to the park and have a picnic
This actually is a ton of fun. Grab you and your “lover” some sandwiches from subway and some heart shaped doughnuts from Dunkin Doughnuts (or I prefer THE Krispy Kreme) and just enjoy each others company for the day. Take a cute picture for snap chat (cause we all know you will) and then leave your cell phone in the car! Just enjoy each others company for a couple hours. These are the kind of dates you’ll always remember.

Go to a $5 Movie
Valentines Day this year is on a Tuesday, which is awesome! Why? Because at the movies they have a deal called $5 Tuesdays. Which means if you get the tickets before 5 pm that day your ticket is only $5. BAM! You’re welcome. Another tip for a cheap movie experience is to play the game inside the movie. There is an app you can download and win free popcorn, drinks, and candy. Most of the time people don’t play the game so you’re playing against yourself. FREE POPCORN! Again, you’re welcome.

Cook a fun homemade meal together
My favorite valentines day date is when Blake cooks for me. Super easy to do. Even if its just chicken, spaghetti, or a hamburger. I love when he takes the time to cook a meal for us. Usually because I am the one who always cooks. If you still want to be a part of the cooking, make some cookies. Grab those AMAZEBALL Pillsbury cookies with the hearts on them and pop them in the oven while hes grilling. You’ll both be able to say you had a part in cooking.

Have a Netflix Marathon
I know this may sound like a “I already do this everyday and this isn’t new to me” kinda idea but Netflix adds Valentines days movies around that time! SCORE! Pro-Tip: go to the movie theater and buy some popcorn, if you want that movie theater popcorn butter feel. Cuddle up and watch some dumb love movies!

Lay in bed and eat pie
Enough said. Do it. 

Have a Wine-Night In
You may be thinking “wine? really? That’s expensive!” WRONG! some of my favorite wines are literally $5. (Yes I am that girl) But a fun Idea is to go to either a gas station or a grocery store and pick out a couple wines that are cheap and have a funny name or logo! You never know what you’ll get and you can both have a fun night of laughs about how awful the wine is and hey you may find your new favorite wine!


I hope these ideas gave you some inspiration for your day! I’ll be posting from fun outfits for these special dates too! So watch for them! Tag me if you and your valentine do any of these ideas!  

(Our Valentines Day shoot from last year. Full post and outfits details are linked here)





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