Comfy Sweater & a Stylish Red bag


The Mint Julep Sweater 〉Old Navy Blue Jeans 〉Women’s Columbia Vest 〉MK Sunglasses (similar) 〉Black Booties (similar) 〉Makeup & fries Phone Case 〉MK Purse (similar)

Comfort is my #1 priority when I wake up in the morning. I feel like sometimes I look homeless when I throw on sweatpants and a t-shirt. So today for class I stayed comfortable but cute at the same time.

This week has been nothing but busy for me. Photoshoots for Jovani Fashions, School, Work, and preparation for my next competition has really started to takes its tole.

None the less Im staying positive and humble. Helping in the community by packing lunches for kids with Blessings in a backpack every Thursday and gathering supplies for the local Battered Women’s Shelter. It always feels good to receive but when you give its an even better high.


The Mint Julep SweaterOld Navy Blue Jeans Women’s Columbia Vest MK Sunglasses (similar)Black Booties (similar)Makeup & fries Phone CaseMK Purse (similar)


Have a great weekend!

And tagg me if you decide to purchase any of the items I have listed here! Ill share it on the blog!



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