Comfy Sweaters & Rust booties

 Walking around Auburn University I see tons of girls in different styles. I see girls in t-shirts with high socks and high top converse on. Then I see the girls who walk around campus in really cute outfits with stilettos on and are dressed to the nines! But I really like to be comfortable and somedays I feel homeless looking when I roll out of bed in the shirt I wore the night before and sweats on. Yes, totally comfortable. I’ve decided since my major was Apparel Merchandising I kinda sorta need to dress decent to my classes.

What a better way than light, neutral, soft sweaters.

Makes you look like you really tried today when you woke up and also very comfortable! Here are the details to my outfit I wore to class the other day!


Top: Chill and Mingle Top50782.2.brn

The sweater is super comfortable and doesn’t make you wish you didn’t wear it after walking a mile and a half to your 8am textiles class…all the way across campus.

I go through times where I wish I would have worn white because after walking so far I look like I ran a marathon!

But with this top its light and breezy!

Necklace: Bohemian Nights Necklace

Sorry ladies but the necklace is sold out and unable to be reordered! I recommend either no necklace to class or a very small one like the Bri necklace from Kristalize Boutique!!


Shoes: Stomp and Shake Booties

50782.1.brnIf you want to talk about the cutest rust booties then go ahead and grab you a pair before they are all sold out AGAIN!!

These suckers go fast. I was so happy, no lets get real, I cried like a baby when I finally got a hold of these.

Because sometimes on The Mint Julep once their product is gone then its GONE! Trust me I still regret NOT buying their red Christmas sweater! AHHH! *cries a little inside*

I walk around campus and my feet don’t hurt at all and I’m a huge baby about my feet hurting.

But yes you do need these shoes. They go with everything in your closet so don’t make an excuse to why you can’t buy them.


Jeans: Total Chic Out Skinny Jeans

If you don’t see me in black leggings then I’ll be in comfortable jeans. Lets be honest…no

50782.3.brngirl LIKES wearing skinny jeans. Some are too tight and you usually can’t sit down.

The only reason why I recommend these jeans is because THEY ARENT TOO TIGHT and I can still eat a Thanksgiving dinner and lunch without unbuttoning the top of it. The braid on the booty pockets and the trim on top is so cute and unique too! So thats a plus

Oh and lets talk about the fact that it has A HOOD on the shirt too! Like take all my money now. I want one in every color!!

Top: $38

Necklace: $26

Jeans: $44

Shoes: $46



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