Embroidered Poncho and a Fire cracker Earrings

Poncho or get this one  | Holy Jeans | Firecracker Earrings (DIY) Similar here | Chunky red heels | Black Purse (& the real version) | Wooden watch |

I keep purchasing embroidered tops, dresses, and I’ve been super close to purchasing embroidered jeans as well. I think it was time to stop there. These earrings I actually made myself. I just couldn’t make myself buy a pair of tassel earrings that I knew I could make myself. My bag is also a HUGE dupe for the $1,000 version (which I’ll link so you can see the difference)

This weekend I’ll be attending the Miss Teen America national pageant in Atlanta, GA. So i’m taking that opportunity to do, you guessed it, blog outfits in the beautiful Atlanta area! OHHH YEA! Colorful walls and tall buildings! I can’t wait to see who will be joining the sisterhood.

Recently I’ve gotten tons of compliments on my wood watch! It’s custom made and linked above! 100% adorable too !


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