I’m not allowed to love my body

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

In MY opinion we live in a society where women are expected to look and act a certain way and if you don’t fit in the mainstream of things then you’re considered ugly, a slut, poor, or an attention whore. I was on Facebook the other day and found a couple of pictures that people shared that shocked me. I read the comments under the popular pictures that had over 23,000 comments and some comments I agreed with 1,000% and some were just stupid. Like STUPID and made that person look really stupid.


This first picture was the picture shown.  Now I will say that the girl on the left is very natural looking and stunning and I strive to look like that when its 99 degrees outside and humid in the state of Alabama but that doesn’t make her anymore beautiful than the girl on the right. Everyone has a different view on their word beautiful. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” comes to mind when I try to compare these two pictures. I also remember back in 2011 ( when I’m sure this picture was taken of the girl) that was the style and trend. The “mirror selfie”, the “scene hair”, and the awkward “hand holding nothing” pose. I have pictures STILL on my Facebook looking just like this. I remember wanting my hair to look like that and wanting my outfit to color match. Its called a TREND! In 10 years I bet, no I PROMISE you that the girl on the left will be on the right and the girl on the right will be no more. PROMISE YOU!

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Another picture that kinda offended me was the body size picture. I am personally a size 00. YEP, I have small boobs, a tiny tummy, and a flat booty. That is  the way God made me and I’m perfectly fine with that. Its pictures like this that has made me hate my body and it makes people who don’t have my body size, feel powerful when they post stuff like this. I don’t think my body looks like a   12 year old boys? I think I look good for a petite woman. I ENVEY women with curves. HECK YEA I’d love a little junk in my trunk and a big ol bust that fills out my V-neck shirts. But thats not what God planned for me. I TRY to gain weight and can’t. I physically can not gain weight. There are pros and cons to being tiny and I am ALWAYS given negative comments about it. Yes I can eat whatever God put on this earth plus a milkshake but I also can’t go into stores without having to alter a size small dress.image1 I can wear tons of adorable sexy tight fitted dress that show off my little figure but I can’t wear the adorable flowey floral

dresses without disappearing into the fabric. Posts like this is what makes the younger girls (and women in their 20’s) feel like they should hate their bodies for not being curvy with a tiny waist. Some women are born with a tiny waist and

tiny hips, others are born with curves and a big bust, and so on. That’s what makes us different and beautifully unique.

I struggle most days when I look into the mirror because I don’t think I fit into what society today considers “beautiful.” I have tons of people look at me and tell me how pretty I am daily but I have to accept the beautiful person I am inside before I can believe what someone else says. Because sometimes I don’t see what other people see because society tells me that if I think I am beautiful then I’m a vain person. I’m not allowed to “feel myself” because if I do then I’m big-headed with a huge ego. Before social media I loved my body and then I started comparing myself to other people because I let society tell me what is and isn’t beautiful. Todays #1 beauty trend is for girls to have big hips and a big booty and I can’t achieve that look even if I tried everyday. So before you post hurtful things thinking that it makes you look or feel powerful remeber you’re actually putting down the women who physically can’t look the way you that think is beautiful. I am a victim of that and have learned to delete these people off my social media. You don’t need anyone negative in your life.

I love my body but I do struggle…ALOT and I’m sure the strongest women in society probably do too. We should be empowering women to feel beautiful the way THEY want. We should change what society and what social media considers “beautiful” and show that beauty comes from within and that confident woman are the most beautiful.

My challenge to you: Next time you are either driving in the car or walking around school and you find your self judging another person think to yourself “Is someone  doing the same thing I am doing to this kid? How would this person feel if they knew what I was thinking about them? How would I feel if I knew other people were thinking this about me?” Try it and see how much your outlook on life changes. I now do this daily and have become a much happier person. That girl with the braids and red lipstick thinks that she looks beautiful how she is and you’re judging her when you have all the top brands and are dressed a certain way because you DON’T want people like yourself to judge you the way you are judging her. Makes you think huh?


all women are beautiful.

no matter their body size, skin color, or height.


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