Instagram Recapp for Septmeber

I get tons of questions on outfits daily. Where to buy? What is the next trend? What makeup are you wearing? So every month i’ll try to recapp where and what I buy and wear!

All outfits, decor, makeup, and more from the MONTH OF SEPTEMBER is linked under the photo!

 8ed9609d6d024f69be59886a15d6ea26Outfit from my NYC trip is linked HERE

989a09a3a60d496fac57b13b220c8d27Outfit from a stroll on 5th AVE is HERE

0bfc4895fe39455cae1e113b0ca037f6(Jacket almost sold out) Outfit from my flat lay photo is linked HERE

b0bf1a00fc224b45a2cc8e4b3d4b40efThe sweater (running low) | Similar sweater and coffee cups are lined HERE

6d517e67acb9419d8f3fcdac26bd493f(Boots on SALE) Sadie’s favorite outfit of mine is linked right HERE

fcd91434503149c3bd45e3f198ffcc3d.pngMy Flirty Friday Floral jumpsuit details are HERE



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