July Favorites you NEED to see

This summer flew by like crazy to me. I had a couple favorites this summer. Some new and some are oldies but its always a great idea for a comeback. Right?


Anastasia Beverly hills Contour Cream Kit in Light:

This is so last season. I bought it when the craze was happening but I never really used it until now. I tried it without oil and it was so dry I couldn’t even deal with it. I did one little bitty thing of face oil into the palette and mixed it and now I’m obsessed. Wish I would have thought of that a couple months ago.

House of Lashes Tinker Bell collection in “Just Wing It”:

I’ve never tried house of lashes until now. I’m real picky about buying lashes online because I don’t want to accidenlty buy drag queen length ones. But who am I kidding I’d still wear them. I purchased these because HELLO they were Disney. They are very natural looking and stay on well. These are a favorite this month. Not sure if they are limited edition or if they stay forever. Fingers crossed forever.

HoursGlass Radiant Bronze Light in Ambient:

Actaully was given this product because a fellow makeup artist had tons of makeup and was just sending me bags of it. I had never heard of hourglass before and was a little worried about this bronzer because I am a MATTE CHICK. All day everyday. This bronzer has a little shimmer to it. So as soon as I saw that little glitter looking thing I was going to chunk it. I gave it a try and its super dark so I put it on the top of my cheeks. I’m kinda obsessed because it gives me a crazy awesome glow. I guess up cant judge a bronzer by its glitter. LOL


ITS A 10 Miracle Leave-in Product:

My hair is what I like to call thin and fair but others call it thick? SO whatever. This product is incredible. It keeps my hair soft and tangle free. I forgot about this miracle in a bottle for a while and then BAM it came back. THANK JESUS!

Enlighten Expressions Peroxifoam Oxygen Infused, Cleaning & Whitening foam system:

Say that 4 times fast. I just call it the 2 step foam toothpaste. I talked about this baby in a Facebook live video the other day. It actually got over 500 views last time I checked. WOAH. If you really really wanna know how I feel about this beautiful baby check it out on my Facebook!

Novel Professional Sunless color extender:

I don’t do tanning beds anymore after I started finding white spots on my arms and legs. No Mam, no ham, no turkey. I quit that real fast. And I also got so hot and hated laying down for 20 minutes sweating. This little bottle of brown sunny goodness saved me. I have tried other sunless tanners and they don’t work enough for me. Novel Professional is real good but don’t put it on if you’re about to go out….especially in a white dress….Been there done that.

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