My Jovani Journey

ONE YEAR ago today I announced that I was the JVN by Jovani Fashions social media model. A whole year ago. Isn’t that crazy? I was asked by one of the PR girls (My girl Katie Guevarra & her blog with Jovani if I would be interested in modeling a couple dresses a month and posting them on my social media. I was sent maybe 5-10 JVN by Jovani dresses a month and all I had to do was model in them. Not in a way that looked like I staged the shot, but more like candids. Mirror selfies, selfies, outside candid, you know the fun stuff.

So of course I accepted and started as soon as I got my first round of dresses. I was sent so many beautiful dresses and I was star struck when the official JVN or Jovani Instagram would “like” or “comment” on my pictures. I’d receive over 700+ likes on the JVN by Jovani page and even made it to the BIG Jovani page with over 7,000 likes. I was loving ever second of it.


Jovani then decide to start a contest called the “Jovani It Girl”. 25 girls were selected fro social medias and got to model at Atlanta Prom Mart for a whole week. I applied and tagged all Jovani pages in my posts and  I was lucky enough to have been chosen as a finalist for the 25 girls.  I was able to meet the owners of Jovani and the dream makers that allowed me to model their fabulous dresses.

We did so many runway shows in all the dresses, like I mean 10 a day. If you think Mart is just playing dress up you’re sadly mistaken. We worked our butts off every show, working early mornings to late nights in our 6 inch heels. The staff of Jovani were very helpful and generous when it came to keeping us happy and rested. When we needed a break they allowed it with smiles on their faces and even feed us the best catered food you could get at mart. Our showroom was always busy and full of life. The team, as well as the models, were so classy and professional. You could say we were the party showroom.

10 girls were chosen to fly to NYC for the New York showroom. I was unable to go but I heard the girls who did had a blast. I even saw the pictures online and the top 10 girls looked STUNNING!

I continued to model for social media with Jovani and then recently asked to fly to NYC (all expense paid) and shoot the 2016 Fall Homecoming line. I was floored when I got the email.(a couple screams and tears may have happened too) I thought all I’d ever be was the social media model because I am only 5’6 and the typical model is 5’8 or taller.


I flew to NYC alone for the first time ever and hailed a cab to the studio. Being from a small town in Alabama I was terrified. I’d been to New York with my family multiple times but never alone. Jovani’s team made sure I was safe to and from the airport. Calling me and making sure I’d made it into the car and was headed to the studio.

Once I made it there I met my roommate Hannah. Who btw is just as stunning on the inside as she is on the outside. We made a great team. We were about the same height and weight so we both looked like we were actually going to Homecoming. Just for anyones info, we are both in college and far away from ever going back to a homecoming dance. HAHA.

We sat down in the hair and makeup chair waiting to see who would paint our faces for the campaign. And then who walks in the door? No other than Miss USA and Miss Universe’s makeup artist YUKO!! Like she’s YUKO!! Jovani don’t play when it comes to making their photoshoots professional and high quality. Of course I did nothing but ask her makeup questions. DUH.

We shot at least 200 dresses in those two days of work. We were treated like royalty with having personal hair and makeup and having healthy model friendly catered food for breakfast and lunch. Our Hotel was in the middle of time square so I ate street hot dogs for dinner. Because how can you go to NYC without eating a street dog?

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If you would have told me a year ago I’d be a Jovani model I’d laugh really hard and then say something like “yea I wish.” But here I am a year later with stories to tell and memories to laugh at. I can say I was flown to NYC (fashion capital) and modeled for a well-known prom and pageant brand. Like WHAT? I am forever grateful for all the people and opportunities God has provided for me.

To the People who made it possible:

Katie; Thank you for helping me get started with Jovani. I am ever so grateful for all you’ve done to get me where I am today and look forward to continuing not only a business relationship but always a friendship. I already miss you and Jovani. You will always be a HUGE part of my life. Weather you like it or not.

Felicia; Thank you for seeing the model in me and for hiring me for the fall line campaign. And also for the It girl contest. I still think you need to compete in pageants or at least coach. Thank you for all the laughs and late night giggles at 1am. You are defiantly a big part of my life as well.

Saul, Abraham, and the rest of the Jovani Staff; Thank you so much for all the love and support this past year. I couldn’t ask for a better/friendlier company than yours. Your team is the best and have treated me and everyone I’ve ever talked to like we are always #1. I couldn’t thank you guys enough for all the things Jovani has done for me. I love working with you and your brand.


Happy One year Jovani I look forward to continuing working with you.


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