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Natural Contour with The Tiny Blonde.

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disclaimer: This is how I do MY makeup. There is not a right or wrong way to do makeup. Makeup is like painting or coloring, if you mess up fix it or take it all off and start over. It’s just for fun! All my products are a little more on the high end price range but I’ll throw in a couple dupes that are affordable and will let you know prices and products used ☺ lets get started!


Start off with your face clean. As in get to washing your face with your daily fIMG_1165acewash. I have dry skin so I like to goIMG_1163 in with my RCMA Pre-foundation lotion. This lotion is the best and drys
super fast! You can use any moisturiser but if it’s not fast drying wait 30 minties AT LEAST for it to. If you put your foundation over a tacky
face the makeup will not lay down as pretty.


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With any foundation brush lay on your cake a little bit at a time. I’m currently transiniting into pale Taylor for the fall so I like to mix my lightest and most recent summer foundation together. (Yes you can do that) I’m mixing the Makeup Forever HD foundation and my femme couture Get Flawless foundation. I love my Morphe M439 Brush for foundation! It buffs and evens out my skin tone perfect! YOU NEED THIS BRUSH! Top: do your foundation on the back of your hand. This will give you control of how much makeup goes on your face!


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 Here’s the fun part highlighting your face!! To highlight the easiliest way try to think “where does the light usually hit me?” You want the Concular to be 2 shades lighter than your foundation so the center of your face stands out. I take my Sigma F75 Brush and place my tarte Maraca Creaseless Concealer under my eyes in a triangle and then from the eyeduct to the bottom of my nose and then up to my ear! I sometimes add a flower on my forehead for a little more light and down my nose!

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I then take my Sigma F15 Brush and blend it out. You can also use a beauty blender. Just damp the blender and pat HARD. DO NOT RUB IT IN! BEAT YOUR FACE WITH IT!! 


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This is the part that gets some people. All face shapes are different but with mine I take a damp sponge or beauty blender and take my RCMA Foundation in SHINTO-II and run a thin line from the top of my ear to the corner of my eye. I also place it on the sides of my nose and around my forehead. This is the places that you are shadowing. Then repeat the blending process. BLEND UNTIL YOUR FINGER BLEED! 


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This is a new process called “baking”. Take any translate power, I prefer my RCMA No-Color Powder or a yellow powder and place a good amount on all the places you placed your “white stuff”. Anything cream MUST be set with a powder! While you are baking finish your eyes and brows! The powder is observing any oils that are in your pores to make them unnoticeable!

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While Im waiting for my makeup to “Bake” I take this time to put my bronzer on and get my brows on FLEEK. I take my MAC angled brush (the # wiped off sorry) and dip it into my theBalm cosmetics Bahama Mama bronzer. Place your brush in between your two white power lines you made! This was it is almost like a stencil for your makeup.


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Now take a big fluffy brush, I use my Sigma F10 And wipe all the powder away! You’ll be able to tell a difference as soon as you are finished. Your face is not matte instead of oily. I never skip this process when it comes to contouring.


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The finished product ☺ I hope this helped some and all items used are but in bold! Thanks for viewing now you go try and tag me! #Thetinyblondemakeup

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