Neutral eye and Cami Lips for the Win

The other day I wore this day look on my snapchat (tayjay95) because I didn’t feel like blending or doing much color on my lid. So I did this neutral eye with a powerful lip and some Secret lashes I have stashed away! Here is my step by step on how to achieve this look without really trying.

  1. It is a no brainer that you start out with a clean and dry face before putting on anything. So I really hope I didn’t have to tell you this.

2. Next I’m taking my Smashbox  Photo Finish Priming water. Yes I paid $30 for water that I spray on my face. And I am perfectly fine with that because it keeps my skin hydrated and fresh throughout the day.

3. Then taking my Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer brush and my Mac Pro Longer foundation in NC20 I just buff the foundation into my skin. Making sure I get it on my eyelids as well. I am obsessed with this brush. I always find myself coming back to it because it never leaves my face cake looking.

4. Once the foundation is on I take the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Concealer. Swiping up, down my nose and them out. Kinda like a really weird looking K. I put a cross on my chin, a flower thing on my forehead and then down the bridge of my nose.

5. I used my damp beauty blender to blend out all the concealer. Using the beauty blender to DABB gives your skin a beautiful flawless finish and doesn’t crease into those ugly lines under your eyes. Yes we all have them and if you say you dont than you’re a liar!! And I’d be real jealous of you.

Meredith Boyd taught me that anytime you but a liquid on your face you MUST set it with a powder or it will crease and that actually ages you a couple years!
I got this next tip from Jaclyn hill’s newest contour and highlight video (Which i’ll link below) and she mentioned that all glam comes from Drag Queens. Which makes me so happy because I’m all about me some drag queens!

6. Taking the damp beauty blender I used earlier I dipped the tip if it into the RCMA no color translucent powder and pressed it under my eyes. This sets the consular, so you dont need much.

7. And now WE BAKE and eat cake! Taking the same beauty blender I get more of the same powder on it and PACK that stuff under my eyes and down the center of my face. I love this trick. Jacklyn mentioned that doing this process actually COOKS the concealer because your body is usually at 98 degrees and the powder packed on is suffocating the concealer and it cooks….Makeup is crazy!

8. While that is baking I do the eyes. This is actually one of the easier eye looks to do because it doesn’t have to be clean and look like “instagram makeup”.

Taking my MakeupGeek Creme Brûlée single shadow and a blending brush I swipe back and forth all over my lids.

9. Than taking the Makeupgeek and Manny MUA collaboration palette (Pre-order now) I mix the two middle colors (Sora and Frappe) and blend that into the crease. And guess what… thats all I did for the lid.

10. Taking my Kat von D artistry palette (No longer available) I use the color Black Metal or you can use any black shadow. I did this instead of using a harsh eye liner. I drew a cat eye the same way I would with gel liner and then smudged it into the water line. You dont have to make this pretty because we are going to put lashes over it anyways.

–I did my brows off camera because everyone does them differently. (Want a tutorial? Let me know)

11. Using the Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer  I applied it from my ears down to the middle of my creek and swiped back and forth until blended. I wanted this to look natural, so I didn’t do a sharp contour.

Blake was studying while I was playing around upstairs and he walked into his crazy girlfriend cooking! hahaha Gotta Love him.

12. Before putting on my lashes I went ahead and did my mascara. I’ve been using the Cover Girls Full Lash Bloom mascara lately because I got it free from asos and weird but I really like it for when I wear false lashes.

13. I used some SUPER SECRET lashes that aren’t out yet for this look because they are well perfect and I cant wait for everyone to know about them.


14. okay, now lets take this flour off our face. Taking any brush I had closest to me I just swiped the powder off and applied the new Becca Cosmetics mineralize blush in flowerchild on my cheeks.

15. Now for that fleeked highlight that Jaclyn Hill always wears. And in celebration of her new highlighter I wore Champagne Pop on the apple of my cheeks for a real glow.

16. For the lips I took the new Colourpop Matte X lippie stick in Cami and over-lined my lips to make them fuller. YES I OVER-LINE MY LIPS! I DONT HAVE FILLER EVEN THOUGH I’D LOVE A LITTLE.

17. Last but not least I finish off the look with the Seven Seven Cosmetics finishing spray. I can’t like without this stuff. Its incredible and I will be purchasing another bottle because I’m almost out

and tada! Here is the finished look. I really liked this look for the days I dont care to really be glam and have a sharp liner and just feel like throwing on lashes and going. Easy breezy beautiful covergirl…but not really

The queen Bee– Jaclyn Hill!




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