SMILE with Enlighten Expressions Teeth Whitening Kit

95% of all men say that the first thing they notice is a woman’s smile. So don’t let your smile be the reason for losing your maybe soon to be husband!

Im a huge coffee drinker so of course my smile dulls quickly and every time I smile I can see my Starbucks Mocha Latté lingering. That’s not cute yall.

I have always used Enlighten Expressions (located in GA) when I really needed it bad. They have a special light and gel that whitens your smile naturally and without the hash pain in your pearly whites. My teeth are as sensitive as they come and when I tried to “zoom” my teeth I couldn’t get past the 2nd level because it felt like I was biting into  ice-cream. But this technique gives me ZERO sensitivity and I will never go to another place again for my smile.

From their site:

Enlightened Expressions uses our Pre-Filled LED System mouth pieces that have been specially designed for maximum comfort and focused LED targeting. Perfect smiles are created with our trend setting system that has been clinically proven to be unmatched in terms of safety and effectiveness. Our special lighting systems intensify the release of hydroxyl radicals that accelerate the dissipation of tooth stains. Our advanced spectrum LED light is precisely positioned and controlled. Its energy is directed just to the outside of the clear mouth piece between the upper and lower teeth. This very safe visible blue light works in conjunction with the Enlightened Expressions Whitening Gel to achieve extraordinary results.


So as you can tell they know what they are talking about.

Their sessions range from $$119-150 but are completely worth it. I usually only go for 20 minutes and that whitens my teeth for 6-12 months. I use my travel pen for touch ups in-between my sessions and Im obsessed with it.

Thank you so much to the beautiful Lisa Lowe Colindres and Jennifer Teague for allowing me to be apart of your team



How I use my at home kit;

The kit itself comes with a double sided mouth guard (like the football players use) and a 10ml syringe with the good stuff in it. I thought at first they wanted me to numb my gums

Place a small drop of gel per tooth on both sides of the mouth guard. Be sure NOT to fill the trays up!

You get up to 10 treatments from one 10ml syringe so don’t be wasteful!

You then place the trays in your mouth and BAM! Wait 20-30 minutes and your Teeth will shine like diamonds in the sky.

Only do this 1-2 times a week. I used it everyday (having no idea not to) and it hurt my teeth! Haha other than that it’s perfect!

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