Spring Break Follow pt.2 

Black swimsuit | Purple Swimsuit (similar) | Floral 2 piece set (similar) | white shoes (similar) | Poliroid camera | Green Long sleeve shirt (similar) | suede pink skirt | long sleeve bodysuit | white jeans 

{{ I’m sorry most of my links are similar articles of clothing. I just started kinda liking fashion so a lot of my outfits are from years ago! But anything I link I like better anyways }}

My last destination was on the beautiful beaches in Biloxi Mississippi. You would have never thought of going their for spring break right? That was the best part about it. No crazy spring breakers or huge drunk crowds. It was family friendly and relaxing.

I swear I’m a 30 year old trapped in a 21 year old body with the face of a 14 year old. I’ve been doing the whole crazy spring break since I was a junior in high school so I’m over it.

I ate too much food this week but it was totally worth it & I have my Skinny a Coffee Club detox to flush it all out! Review coming soon! Couple photos below of my time in Biloxi.

& yes I’ll link outfits below


Happy Spring Break & thanks for following My Spring Break Journey.

Tips to keep your skin safe in the hot sun:

  1. Wear a hat –  either a big floppy sun hat or a cap. It keeps the sun off your face, which ages the fastest.
  2. Sunscreen is your new BFF –  SPF 30 at least to keep your skin tan instead of burnt
  3. Don’t tan right into the sun –  I know you think being RIGHT in the sun will give you tanner skin but it will just turn you red.
  4. Tan on both sides –  this way not one side of your body is burnt but you are tanner on both sides
  5. If you do get burnt grab some lotion after sun – Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Aftersun lotion. It has coconut and papaya in it which refreshes and rehydrates your skin.  signature_kjgiwyy1e9cox8bdtr

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