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When I was honored with the title as the 2014 IJM International Teen I was blessed to get to travel all across the country and the world to promote the IJM system and network myself. So yes, I know a thing or two about traveling and packing, here are a couple of my tips on how to pack light and smart.

Space bags are your new best friends: these things are awesome! I shove all my clothes into these bags and push all the air out! They make traveling easy and it’s kinda fun to watch the clothes shrink!

Plan out your wardrobe: I use to skip this because I’d over pack and then once I got to where I was going I’d have so many outfits that I didn’t need. I started planning my outfits and the Jewlery that goes with it. Again saves time and space!

Take shoes that you can wear multiple times with multiple outfits: I’m a huge shoe hoarder and think I need 15 pairs of shoes a trip because “I never know how I’ll feel that day”. So I started pairing cute comfortable wedges with with couple different outfits. Saves room in your suitcase and your hotel room.

Check into your flight the night before: if you fly southwest the earlier you check in the better the seat you have! It’s also faster the day of and if you’re traveling in a big airport it saves time.

coffee coffee coffee: this one speaks for itself. ☕

Get the app: I have a delta and southwest apps so I can make sure my flights are on time and to see when there are delays. Very helpful when I’m usually (always) running late.

Wear somthing comfortable and easy to take off: it sucks looking super cute just for the TSA to stay strip down! So wear somthing that’s cute, comfortable, and easy to take off and put back on.

Ask for the emergency exist row (if you’re able) for more leg room: this one is a fun secret my dad taught me! If you’re able and feel safe doing this, do it! *Must be at least 13 though* once you get to your gate ask the desk. You’re welcome.

smile at people, makes them smile

Safe travels to everyone this summer! Have fun and enjoy where you are headed.


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