Tips to getting A Lip Kit faster



Everyone has heard, if not TRIED to grab, of the Kylie Jenner Lips Kits. If you are wondering, “Are these lip kits really worth staying up all night or having a panic attack when you mess up your card number?” Yes. Yes they are.

Not only do they SMELL like cake and ice cream on a hot summer day, they are matte and stay on all day without chipping or feeling sticky.

The lip kit comes with ONE tube of Kylie’s custom colors and a matching lip pencil.

I was lucky and fast enough to grab a lip kit and new new glosses. But I had to be fast! Here are some tips to getting your purchase without your chart selling out.


  1. Put at least 4 different ones you want in your cart. Most likely 2-3 of them will sell out.
  2. Have you card number already typed out in either “notes” or “word”. Kylie cosmetics DOES NOT DO PAYPAL. It must be a card.
  3. Also have your address saved in your notes or word
  4. Dont worry about spelling your name right on the form once you try to check out. When I got mine I literally typed ” taldfdt jdhfe” As long as your address is correct.

    Good luck trying to grab one of these gems I promise they are worth it.


Next restock is : Friday April 15, NO IDEA TIME.


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