Transition from Summer to Fall with Over the Knee Boots

Summer has finally come to an end and that mean sweater weather is on its way. (Hopefully soon in Alabama) So goodbye shorts and crop tops and hello jeans and sweaters! But just because summer is over does not mean you have to put away those thigh highs.

If you live in the south than you have no idea what the weather will bring. I am always cold so I wear a minority of jeans anyways. Here is a few examples and hopefully some inspiration on how to transition from summer to fall.

NOTE: I’ve heard the rule that “you can’t wear white after labor day” since I was at least 6 when I tried to walk out of the house with a white dress on and my mother stopped me. I don’t like rules. So I’m breaking them with my white jeans this season.

The best boots for changing seasons



⇒Transitioning into FALL 



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