We Re-Vamped Our Brand

We Re-Vamped Our Brand

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As you probably can tell The Tiny Closet Boutique has changed a TON since our launch in February of 2017. We tried to be what everyone else was when we started. What we saw people buy we bought. We noticed that just because it worked for someone else, didn’t mean that it worked for us.

We finally found our own voice in the buying process. We stopped looking at other peoples ideas and created our own! Its all about trial and error in this industry. When we started out we wanted cute, affordable clothes. As we have grown we realized we needed to adapt to the trends and change it up. We started buying pieces of clothing that you’d want to invest in. No more low quality clothing. No more jewelry that breaks within a couple days and no more shoes that just SUCK! We wanted every piece to be an investment that will be around for more than a couple weeks.

We felt our old logo was sweet and innocent and that the new Tiny Closet was more trendy and daring. Thus, why the logo, the captions, and insta stories/lives have changed.

We want to be 10000% real with our customers because we know how much it SUCKS when you get a product that was hyped up and then when you put it on its a flop.

WE hope you love the new and improved Tiny Closet Boutique.  Be sure to check out the website and instagram for all things new and changing!

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