Meet The Tiny Team

Here at The Tiny Closet, we are a family-- a chaotic one, but one none the less! A lot of people think we are a huge company with 40 employees, but in reality there is only a hand full of us! Meet the Tiny Team!


THE OWNER, Taylor McClellan

Taylor is the one you'll see most often on stories and she is usually the main model. However, Taylor and her husband, Blake, are currently expecting their first baby girl this year! Taylor started the store back in 2017 and continues to grow it each year!


Elizabeth, a.k.a Beeka, started the store with Taylor and has since loved the finance and the inventory check part of the job! You may catch Beeka in the store front, at market with Taylor, or in the back making sure everything is flowing!


Blake is Taylor's husband and has also been the TC photographer from the very beginning! You can find Blake on lives with Taylor, at market, and can even be seen in the store front every once in a while! Blake's full time job is not at TC, but is a BSN RN and he is currently in Pharmacy School.



Casey started out as an intern during the summer of 2022 and we loved her so much she decided to come on with us full time! Casey is the one making sure socials are posted, content gets created, an assistant buyer, and helps Taylor with a little of everything! 



Gracie has been here then longest of the girls! Gracie is the OG shipper, but also does all the intake on the website and ships orders! You may see Gracie on lives, the website as the current main model, and in our TikToks and IG Reels! 

SHIPPING, Mackenzie Ford


If you receive a hand written note on your order its definitely Mack! She is shipping orders every day that she's here. She also assists Gracie when it comes to shipping and intake for the website! Mack also is seen live with us some days. She is definitely our bright light at the store!

MODEL & CONTENT CREATOR, Faith Engelkemier


Faith has been with us for almost 2 years now! Faith is our social media content creator! She does IG Reels, TikToks, fit videos, and helps us create the most aesthetic content!